Physical Therapy

Physical therapy not only helps patients improve body strength, but promotes stronger emotional health and well-being. For lasting benefits, particularly in a home care setting, we believe physical therapy should involve both patients and their families. To help patients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia return to their highest functioning level, our physical therapists focus on strengthening muscles, improving mobility, and teaching caregivers how to work with patients when we aren’t on-site.

Liberty’s physical therapy programs include a pre-conditioning program designed for patients facing elective surgery. This physical therapy program is designed to address pain management, strengthening range-of-motion, endurance and home safety. Our therapists also review post-surgical needs for adaptive equipment, enhancing outcomes and allowing for a safe return home.

Liberty also has programs for fall prevention, which are used to identify those patients at a high risk of falls. Falls are a major reason for emergency room visits each year, and can create serious consequences. Clinicians use a number of tactics to determine risks during a home assessment, and provide treatments and interventions necessary to reduce risk.

Liberty also utilizes a post-surgery physical therapy program where a patient’s functional skill, safety and balance are assessed.Liberty’s clinicians can also determine a patient’s need for equipment, rehabilitation services, or community resources.

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