Gift Giving Ideas for Home Care Patients

Finding the perfect gift for a home care patient can be especially challenging, particularly at the holidays. Family caregivers and other friends can have a difficult time determining what is the best gift to give for a home care recipient, but in these challenging economic times, they are most appreciated.

Liberty HomeCare & Hospice Services serves thousands of patients each year in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Those patients all have different needs and levels of care, but research has indicated that certain gift ideas are often appropriate for most home care patients. Those ideas include:

1. Your time – The best gifts can be free. Those receiving home care can face several hours of quiet time in their homes. A simple afternoon talking to them and checking up on them can make a huge difference. Another valuable gift is taking care of some of a home care patient’s necessities, including their shopping needs and their chores around their home.

2. Your memories – Loved ones receiving home care appreciate things that can remind them of happy times. Homemade cards and gifts from young children are often welcome, and so are photo albums filled with memories. Some caregivers of home care patients create photo albums filled with highlights of the previous year to help a home care patient feel like a bigger part of the family.

3. A warming touch – Many home care patients, particularly seniors, have specific needs in the winter. Some need winter clothes, including sweaters and jackets, and others can also use blankets and slippers. Look for clothes that are easier for seniors, including ones with no buttons, snaps or zippers.

4. Your thoughtfulness – Many home care patients enjoy music, and would appreciate playlists for iPods or other devices. Books also make good gifts, as well as DVDs. Keep in mind that some seniors may need assistance in setting up electronics, so ensure that they understand how to work them when they are by themselves.

For other suggestions, check with your local home care provider or visit

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